Tabula Rasa (TV series 2017)

Plot: Mie is a young woman with amnesia who is locked up in a secure psychiatric hospital. After Thomas Spectre goes missing, Detective Inspector Wolkers visits her, claiming that she was the last person seen with him — making her a witness and prime suspect in the disappearance. As she appears to be the key to solving the case, the police won’t allow Mie to be released from the hospital until Thomas is found. That means she has to reconstruct her lost memories and find her way through her recent past in a desperate attempt to fill in the blanks. But the more Mie remembers, the more she mistrusts the people around her — and herself.

“To Belgium, then, for our next helping of Walter Presents. Tabula Rasa, hot off of Netflix, is a disarmingly good psychological chiller about an amnesiac witness, which has echoes of those fine 50s films about a blind/damaged/amnesiac women disbelieved by all around her. It’s proper spooky, too, not (thankfully) Woman in White bad-spooky but modernly unsettling: I physically jumped a couple of times. And, yes, there is a stock haunted house straight out of Scooby-Doo, but you also get to see a lot of Belgium that you never normally see, and Belgians that you never see, and never know when anyone’s lying to you.” (, 2018)

“Strong performances, eerie visuals, and a rich setting all come together to make a thoroughly entertaining long form horror-thriller. It may test your patience, but Tabula Rasa is the kind of thriller with a huge payoff – one that may very well stick with you long after you’ve finished the 9 episodes.” (, 2018)

Although the show has been well received by fans and critics alike, there is no news yet about an upcoming season from Netflix or the original network. That being said, a good story takes time, and we should be patient. Our best guess is that Tabula Rasa Season 2 could release sometime in October, 2019. (, 2019)